Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms & Conditions
  2. Studio Charges
  3. Studio Lighting & Electrical
  4. Studio & Sets
  5. Health & Safety
  6. Security

General Terms & Conditions

  1. These Conditions constitute the entire contract and may not be varied otherwise than in writing signed by a duly authorised signatory on behalf of York TV Studio.
  2. On booking a studio for the purposes of filming, the Studio Client accepts that he/she is satisfied with the facility and that he/she has deemed it to be suitable for the purposes of the hire.
  3. With the client’s consent, we will carefully and respectfully use some of the images/footage from the shoot on our website and social networking site for promotional purposes.
  4. Verbal confirmation is not an accepted booking confirmation method and a studio hire booking is only confirmed once a booking form has been filled out and the terms and conditions read and accepted by the hirer.
  5. The studio has been treated for sound to reduce external noise and to limit internal echo as much as possible. The Studio Client accepts that he or she has checked the sound qualities of the space(s) to be hired and that he or she has deemed it to be suitable for the purposes of the hire.
  6. On completion of the last day of a shoot, Studio Clients are responsible for clearing the studio and hospitality areas used by them, of all furniture, sets, props and general waste except where provided by the studio. Charges could be levied if the Studio has to remove any of these items.
  7. The Studio Client agrees to compensate the Studio for loss, damage or distress to equipment, facilities, or to the fabric of the Studio itself, if caused by the Studio Client.
  8. Studio Clients must not use the public roads and pavements surrounding the studio premises to store any items, including, but not restricted to, shooting equipment, set-building materials, props, costumes or lighting equipment.
  9. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the studio premises.
  10. The studio client is responsible for employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance and must provide proof at point of booking confirmation.

Studio Charges

  1. The standard period of studio hire is 10 hours (8am – 6pm), overtime is charged hourly on a pre-agreed rate.
  2. The studio hire fee for the weekend is charged at a pre-agreed rate.
  3. Bookings may only be extended or amended with the prior consent of York TV Studio.
  4. A deposit of 50% is required to book the studio. The remainder of the fee including charges for additional services must be settled by the Production Company on or before the first day of the studio hire. Charges may apply for cancellation of a shoot within three working days of the scheduled day.

Studio Lighting & Electrical

  1. The studio will not permit use of equipment without prior agreement.
  2. The Studio is liable for the performance and safety of its own electrical equipment.
  3. The Studio Client should ensure that all electric equipment they bring to the studio is PAT tested and safe to use.
  4. Power cuts from the National Grid are not deemed to be the responsibility of the Studio; the Studio will not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of power cuts.

Studio & Sets

  1. Use of the Pavers Shoes TV set, is not permitted.
  2. Pop-up sets are permitted but must not be fixed to walls, ceiling or floor.
  3. No alterations decorations or additions to the studio are permitted without the consent of York TV Studio and at the end of the hire period the studio must be surrendered in the same condition that it was in at the start of the hire period.
  4. We are unable to provide storage facility for sets – delivery and removal of sets is permitted 24 hours prior and following filming subject to studio availability. Overnight storage whilst filming is permitted at the studio client’s liability.

Health & Safety

  1. While in the studio, the hirer is responsible for their own (and third parties employed through them) insurance cover against theft, loss or damage to their own equipment. York TV Studio will not be held liable for any claims whatsoever made by the hirer or substituent individuals working on any one particular shoot.
  2. The hirer is responsible for and liable for their own insurance to cover personal injury to crew and cast, plus liability to any third parties involved.
  3. Studio Clients are responsible for the health & safety of their shoot.
  4. Studio Clients should carry out a hazard assessment prior to their shoot.
  5. Studio Clients must acquaint themselves with the Studio’s emergency procedures prior to shooting. These will be found at the entrance lobby to the studio, and in the Main Reception area of the building.
  6. In the event of injury, the Studio provides a First Aid Kit. However, the studio is unable to provide First Aid qualified personnel.


  1. The Studio will not be held responsible for Studio Clients’ lost, stolen or damaged goods or equipment on the studio premises at any time. All goods and equipment are brought onto the studio premises entirely at the owner’s risk.
  2. Any parking provided by the studio is used at one’s own risk – the studio accepts no responsibility for any damage or theft to any vehicle.
  3. By signing this booking form; you are agreeing to the terms & conditions and must:
    1. Provide details of the nature of the shoot.
    2. To abide by the payment terms.
    3. Only requested hospitality rooms are to be included in the studio hire.
    4. Only to bring the specified amount of people to the shoot (crew, cast, production)